Nominating your Savings

A valuable free service offered to members is that of Nomination. As a member you can nominate a person (or persons) to become entitled on your death to any property (shares and deposits) up to the value of €23,000 that you may have in Ballina Credit Union.

This nomination service is valuable to members in that it allows access to nominated funds by the nominee(s) within a very short period of the death of the member.

This facility is provided free of charge. Members are advised to make a nomination when joining and to regularly review that nomination. Nominations can be made and subsequently amended easily. The following conditions apply:

  • A nomination is valid up to the amount of €23,000.
  • Any member aged 16 years or over may make a nomination.
  • The most recent nomination invalidates any previous nomination.
  • A nomination may be changed at any time.
  • It is important to note that marriage will revoke any nomination made prior to that marriage.

For more details on nomination, or any other queries, please contact any member of our friendly staff who will be more than happy to help.